Film Making

The soul of a film of any format, any style, is its script. Taking in to account your target audience, unique sales preposition and other selling points that give you an edge over your competitors, we develop the soul of the film. We can proudly claim that we are on par with any great film production house when it comes to Creative excellence or technical expertise, thanks to our proud associate Liquid Lights Production headed by Tito Sunny. What's unique is the fact that our creative team knows sales and marketing to a great extent. Now that's special, isn't it? Corporate Films/Presentations

Error free communication is mandatory in B2B. Creating impressions in here is much harder than playing mind games with the layman and pushing an FMCG product into this daily life. We just love this B2B challenge and are proud to claim that we have already served some of the very best in business.�

Brand Building

Theories are derived from practicalities. They later become rules. People change with time and theories don't. Even when they do, the updating process takes years leaving marketers and advertisers to go by the book and follow antiquated ideas which may not work in the fast-changing, modern scenario. It takes courage and knowledge to learn and break rules like bricks and stones into desired shapes and build your brand according to your preferences. Now that gives you the taste of what we intend to cook for you!

Strategy Planing

In the battle of Kurukshetra, the success of Arjuna was determined not solely by his skills and potential but also by the strategies masterminded by Lord Krishna. Similarly, your ultimate winning strategy is something that the competitors should find impossible to replicate. In the business of constant innovation, we promise to present you with ideas that can catch your opponent unawares. Shed your misgivings on holding the interest of your current customer or alluring new ones. Make a wise decision to rope in Team FEC and go on a home run.

Internet Marketing

The reputation of your company, its experience, size, turnover, clients and coverage can all look trivial and you can easily be made insignificant online by someone who is not worth being considered a competitor but is shrewd enough to employ online marketing. Similarly, no matter how minor-league you are, you too can enjoy the bounty of the Kings throne through the web with your online marketing key with Fish Eye Creations. We have a bag full of tricks for Search Engine optimization that can edge out any immortal competitor of yours.

Website development

Fish Eye Creations provide high quality and visually appealing sites. We excel in custom website solutions, web programming, web application development using Web 2.0, PHP e-commerce (dynamic web portal) design and development in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.�

We have developed customized and unique web solutions starting from simple corporate websites to eCommerce solutions, extensive web-based applications, CMS across various industries. We identify your needs, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions that address your business, marketing and communication objectives.�